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Radiant atmospheres, rainbow bridge, cosmic light,

Astral travel, akashic records, diamond sparkle night.

Crystalline halos, glittering through space and time,

Universal brilliance, with shimmering soul shine. 


This verse from Sunset Campout Opening Ceremony recited by our late Sunset sister, Silver Lucy, serves as the artistic inspiration of our rainbow and sparkle theme - Kaleidoscopic Convergence. Where an arc of colors, created by raindrops and the sun’s light, bridges us into a psychedelic portal to ignite the radical self. All while diving into the harmonic feelings of connection, cooperation and community.


After a three year hiatus, we are thrilled to reunite once again in our Sunset family’s magical forest haven. Though it may have felt like an eternity, three is a powerful number that symbolizes harmony, wisdom and understanding. The journey of these past few years has not come without extreme challenges, however,  it is those moments that connect us with a deeper awareness of the self, into higher states of consciousness through the wisdom of the soul. 

In the same vein as previous years, the theme is not meant to be a literal guide. It’s intention is purely to trigger an abstract mental imagery or feeling one can draw upon for inspiration that will connect us all for our amazing reunion in the Feather River Canyon.


As well as an amazing line-up of DJs and musicians, there will be an array of talented visual artists creating interactive installations, visual stimuli, live painting, murals and other eye candy. In the evenings there'll be daily live performances at the circus stage. The Faerie Ring will again be providing yoga, workshops, meditation and healing ceremonies. When you need to take a break from dancing and rest your weary feet, sign up for a massage at the Sunset Rejuvenation Spa or check out some of the amazing chill lounges and immersive experiences we have to offer. And of course if you are bringing your littles, don't forget to bring them over to Pixie kids town for daily activities and water play. More information on all of these coming soon.....

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