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Pixie Kids Town

Have fun and create some magic TOGETHER with your kids at PIXIE KIDS TOWN!

Pixie Kidstown is located on the TOTEM LAWN, next to the Belden Restaurant along the Feather River. 



 activities include: water play, coloring, bubbles, kids yoga,

puppet theater, games, facepainting, crafts and more!

Here are some suggestions for fun items to pack for your kids adventure in PIXIE KIDS TOWN

  • swim suit

  • towel

  • clearly marked reusable water bottle

  • sunscreen

  • costumes (capes and other pieces to wear in HOT weather are great for day)

  • backpack or bag to keep above items in

  • shades or a large hat, its SUNNY out there, we will have a shade structure up, but its still really bright for little eyes

  • water toys (we will have kiddie pools set up and access to a hose for sprinkler play)

  • lunch/snacks (the Belden restaurant is right next door if needed also)

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