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The Sunset Campout Faerie Ring is an interactive heart centered communal environment designed to relax, breathe, reconnect and experience a little Sunset Campout magic. Throughout the years, the area has evolved into a sacred space hosting yoga, meditation, sound healing, creative conscious workshops, ceremony and more.

Faerie Ring Onsite Coordinator

Designed and Programmed by


Living Fae have been holding space, designing altars and sacred space, and performing opening ceremony for Sunset Sound System parties and Sunset Campout since 2002. Their light and love creations have blessed numerous festivals and events including: Sunset Sound Meditation, The Gathering, Lightning in a Bottle, Global Sound Healing Conference, Agape International Spiritual Center, Faerie Worlds, their annual Summer Solstice Celebration and Living Fae ritual events.

Sunset Campout Workshops, Faerie Ring, Altars and Ceremony

Sunset Campout Workshops, Faerie Ring, Altars and Ceremony




Join our Sunset Campout crew for Opening Ceremony on the Beach Stage to reunite and connect with the elements.  Shaman Durek, Living Fae, Anna Scott, Lois Langevin-King, Ursula Young, Bali, Alexandra Sargent, Jamie Lynn Pitman, Lacey Patterson, RayRay, Silver Lucy, Domonique Echerverria, Danielly Aldana,  Galen, Solar, JBird & Crew with Danny Goldberg on Gong.



Join Shaman Durek and crew for a closing blessing on the Beach Stage.



Wind down from the weekend in a restorative savasana with Danny Goldberg and friends for Universal sound vibrations with Gongs, Crystal & Tibetan Singing Bowls, Didgeridoos, Native Flutes, Ocean Drum & a variety of instruments used in holistic healing.





Transversing The Dark Period On Earth

This class will give you an in depth understanding of your shadow. You will also learn how to navigate your life successfully using your abilities for interpersonal change.

The Five Emotions

Finding your primary emotion and how it governs you choices, actions and reactions.Releasing the shadow side and making it an alley. 1 hour Shamanic workshop with breath work. The 5 emotions is based on the 5 elements of Traditional Chinese medicine.


Done in barefoot to diverse and inspiring music, Nia is a transformational movement practice that teaches you how to be more joyful, expressive, alive and unique in your body. Nia is holistic, engaging your body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Universal Mother Release
& Healing

Led by intuitive reiki healers Domonique Echeverria and Camille Langston; includes a release ritual, guided meditation, group reiki healing, and reading. During the workshop you will have the opportunity to learn healthy coping mechanisms, grounding techniques, release techniques, and connect with your inner healer.

Opening up your Access Generator
for Shamanic Powers

This class will teach you how to open up your access generator located below your solar plexus. You will learn the fundamental tools to utilize your power in a direct way.


The Ajna Light is an enjoyable and relaxing non-toxic mind trip that can take you on a shamanic trance journey to connect to the root of your soul's wisdom, stimulating the pineal gland to open up psychic vision in a harmonious, natural and powerful way in balance with your own physiology. One typically experiences internal visuals with beautiful colors and patterns while receiving a bit of a brain frequency tune-up. (Not advised for those with Epilepsy or on Anti-Psychotic medication)

Plants, Sound & Ancient Wisdom

Explore the pathways for harmonizing body, mind & soul using ancient methods such as self-massage, mindful movement, aromatic & edible plants, drumming, mantras & mudras. Includes ceremonial cacao beverage, Reiki, and vibrational healing with tuning forks, and Tibetan & crystal singing bowls.


Sound Immersion Experience

A restorative sound healing with gongs, Tibetan bowls, flutes, chimes and ocean drum to guide you into a deep meditative state. Through the vibrations of Danny’s collection of instruments, you experience an inner calm and deep relaxation that enables you to journey within and center.

Alchemical Singing Bowl Sound Bath

Be immersed in the pure frequencies of the Alchemical Singing Bowls from Crystal Tones. Allow the world’s most high fidelity sounds to cleanse, attune, and align your body, mind, heart, and spirit. Raise your vibration to the highest octave!



Mbira Music

Lara Maykovich, aka Venus Unisex, is an emissary of love from the Pleiades, artist, healer, musician, and lucid dreamer. Former lead vocalist of afro-beat 12 -piece Aphrodesia , Lara currently performs solo playing her original compositions on mbira, an African kalimba from Zimbabwe. Weaving together melodies, stories, poly-rhythms and invocations Lara is on a Sirius mission of love in the 5th dimension.

Storytelling and Handpan Journey

Luiza shares the magic of Handpans, a beautifully crafted steel instrument that brings a trance state to both listeners and players alike. Luiza was first introduced to the Handpan at Sunset Campout 2014. She will talk about the instrument and how it’s changed her life and play a few jams. Bring a mat and lay down to take on the hypnotic sounds that hands make on metal.

Attitude with altitude! Lacey Patterson, Kitty Von Page and Cedar Wingate perform a fusion of funk, bass-tech and psychedelic rebel rock! A lightning rod elevated over the deep river - in flow, passing in the night.

An experimental gateway that returns you home.

Songs in Praise of Nature

Learn some W.African songs and rhythms in celebration of water. We'll sing to the river, we'll sing to the sea, we'll sing to the waters of life that be. No experience necessary just bring your voices and open hearts. Led by Lara Maykovich a.k.a. Venus Unisex  

Poetry From The Heart

Noah is a spoken word artist hailing from San Francisco, but spread his roots in the wilds of Southern Oregon and Eugene. He seeks, through words rich with emotional resonance, to reach deeply into the collective human experience and offer raw truth and a wellspring of love. His poems are prayers, whispers, wishes and wisdom. Please sit. Close your eyes and listen. Let the birds in your chest take flight...”



Breathe, Asana, Meditate

Come start your campout weekend with this integrated practice that weaves together the beauty of yogic breathe, yoga postures, and the power of meditation. Some yoga experience recommended, expect some combination of strengthening poses, seated breathing technique and a short guided meditation. We will explore how once you get past alignment and the mind, there is a deeper level to drop into in your not only your practice but yourself. These are time honored tools to help reveal your inner being, which is joy! Yoga levels 1 and 2.

Wake Up and Shine

Chelsea Sunshine blends posture, breath, mantra, and meditation in a dynamic, heart-opening early morning Kundalini yoga class. Kundalini yoga is an uplifting blend of a spiritual and physical yoga practice designed to increase vitality and consciousness.

Love Your Life: Kundalini Yoga 

In the LOVE YOUR LIFE kundalini yoga class with Radha Sangeet (Melanie Dawn/Living Fae) we will work to balance our bodies, strengthen our auric shield, and cultivate our intuition, wisdom and radiance. We will spend time polishing our radiant body and explore techniques to be in bliss.

Root Yourself in Love: Gentle Yoga Flow

Ground yourself in a juicy, gentle yoga flow. Find softening and relaxation through connection to your breath and movement. You'll also pick your own stone to take home with you and set intentions with.

Mystic Flow

Erika takes you on a magical journey to the depths of your soul. You'll dive right into your heart where there are no opposites. In this class we drop all the facades and search for what already exists, our true nature. When we dive into the heart this is the place of Sama=same. Yoga=Union so we come together to play, laugh, dance, swim, gaze at the stars, cry, soak up the sound of the music, practice yoga to recognize we are all a part of this big tapestry. We are all one!

Chakra Vinyasa Flow

In this Vinyasa Flow class we will learn about the chakra system. You will also learn a chakra balancing meditation working with the beeja mantras and colors of each chakra. Class will end with a sound healing savasana accompanied by crystal sound healing bowls attuned to each chakra.

Divine Flow

An ethereal, yoga flow class that implements the balance of strength and serenity. Starting with a playful and invigorating flow, and ending with yin-inspired surrender to explore the yang and yin balance. Uniquely, this offering infuses chi-gong movements and education for energy protection, energy grounding, and personal resolve of chi.

Yoga Trapeze

Yoga Trapeze is a fun way to discover how to hang like a bat and fly like a bird. Using the yoga sling to create deep heart opening back bends and invigorating inversions while being supported. Pixie Pam will guide you into 20 mins play sessions.
recommend to wear yoga clothes, Spaces are limited

In the Flow: A Prosperity Meditation

Get into flow of the prosperity path. A Kundalini Yoga meditation to tune your psyche into the electromagnetic field of the universe. This is a powerful meditation clears out the garbage in the subconscious mind giving you moxie and magical energy.

Ride with Awareness:
Grief Release and to Heal

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation to activate our hearts. We will learn a heart opening meditation to help heal grief and make room for new gateways of love and compassion within us. Let’s set loving intentions with this ancient practice and heal together family! Sat Nam

Full Moon Yoga:Rasa Lila

Description Rasa=juice Lila= play. Rasa Lila happened on a full moon and we are so blessed to have the full moon upon us. We are in this divine play together. We come here with all our separate stories, all our roles that we play, all of our own individual karmas and we drop all that aside. We enter into the dance of union in one heart beat, in one breath cycle and recognize we are all one through this journey. This class will be more playful and dance like than a typical yoga class. It will get us moving and have our bodies and spirits feeling good for the weekend!

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